Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interview/Feature Article

Radio Killed the Social Media Stars

First thing I realized when entering the studios of the 93X morning show was that I was not going to get far following my first initiative of interviewing the 93X Half-Assed Morning show hosts about social media. I could tell just immediately that this would not fly and I would not get much from them if I did.

Interestingly enough though in the end I found out more about social media than I thought I would. Since I began in the communications major courses all I have heard is the praise of social media and how it is helping everyone. But what I found from these guys is that there is a source of media that does not need social media such as Twitter and Facebook to exist: radio. 

Radio, and especially Weasel, Josh and Nick of the Half-Assed Morning Show see that its not very necessary in a world where they have the opportunity to talk to their fans on a daily basis. That or else they appeal to a fan base that feels social media really is not that necessary.

Because radio is dependent on the personalities that make it as opposed to entertainments based on looks or shock and awe (such as Lady Gaga) they don't need to have constant contact with their fan base. These guys have been very successful over the past and really do not see a need to change what they are doing. 

My hat goes off to these three guys for sticking to their roots and not feeling the pressure to have constant contact with everyone. In the end though I would probably support them either way they went do the fact that I am a huge fan of theirs. 

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